Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide and recommend authorised translation services for your translation requirements in Turkish to English or English to Turkish for all types of day -to-day and official correspondence. Authorised service providers will provide translation services for your documents including Business Letters, letters to Government and Local authorities, Websites, Contracts, Training Manuals, Medical documents, Certificates of Origin, Invoices, Bank Statements, Powers of Attorney, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Special Certificates and other Commercial documents.

The recommended translation services can also assist you for your notarisation and Interpreting needs.

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Companies Offering Translation & Interpreting Services:

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Company Name Country
AA Turkish Interpreting Translating & Language Consultancy Ltd. UK
Baytu Enterprises UK
Erdogan Kabadayi UK
Hello Translations UK
Kayhan Alsac UK
Nova Translations and Interpreting Ltd. UK
TTC Wetranslate UK
Turkish Translation & Interpreting Services UK
Turkish Translation London UK


Ad Hoc Interpreting
Oral (spoken translation) between the two languages usually in informal occasions for example for phone calls, voice-over, commentaries such as during site visits and social events.

Consecutive Interpreting
More formal than ad hoc interpreting and used, for example in formal business meetings, for negotiations, training sessions or lectures. In general, involves oral translation of a speakers words into another language when the speaker has finished speaking or pauses for interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting
Oral translation of a speakers words into another language while the speaker is speaking. The interpreter usually sits in a booth and uses audio equipment. Requires special training and skills.

Conference Interpreting
Interpreting to provide simultaneous oral translation of a speakers words in one direction from one language into another. Requires special training and expertise.

Liaison Interpreting
Interpreting, usually consecutive, between two languages in both directions, for example, oral translation done by Community Interpreters, Health Interpreters in a hospital, hosting and PR activities.

Court Interpreting
Interpreting done during legal proceedings. Court interpreters must have special subject knowledge, and must be accredited and certified.