Document Services

The TBCCI provides a range of Document Services to both members and non-members. Members of the Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry receive discounts on all of these services.

You can look at the overview presented on this page or click on an item below to use a particular TBCCI document service.

Document Certification

TBCCI is authorised by both the UK and Turkish authorities to issue and validate Certificates of Origin, ATR, EUR1 and certify Invoices, Letters and other Commercial documents. TBCCI will complete the process required for the certification of documents on your behalf. We will advise you


  • What documents will be required for Certification
  • If you will also Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) legalisation (Apostille).

Using the TBCCI “Special Courier Service”, you can complete TBCCI Certification and FCO Apostille with Regular or Premium Service options. Please click on Document Certification to take advantage of this TBCCI service.

Document Legalisation

The signatures or seals on certain documents require confirmation from the FCO before those documents can be accepted in Turkey or any other overseas country. These documents usually are official papers that require the signatures or seals of solicitors or public notaries.

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ATR Certificates

An ATR is a Certificate for the movement of industrial products entitled to preferential duty rates for export to Turkey. The purpose of ATR certificates is to declare that the exported goods are manufactured in or have free circulation status within the EU. TBCCI is now authorised to endorse and issue ATR Movement Certificates on behalf of Customs & Excise. Please click on ATR Certificates.

Company House Registration

If you are thinking of setting up a Private Limited Company, Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry can assist you. You can find information about the setting up requirements of private limited companies; its registration procedure, after incorporation obligations and a list of Chamber recommend Company Formation Agents. You can take advantage of this TBCCI service, by clicking on Company Registration.

How to fill an ATR Form

An ATR or A.TR (Admission Temporaire Roulette) is a certificate for the movement of industrial products entitled to preferential duty rates, usually zero, for export to Turkey under the terms of the Customs Union between the EU and Turkey. The purpose of an ATR Movement Certificate is to declare that the goods to be exported from the EU to Turkey (or imported to the EU from Turkey) are either manufactured in, or, irrespective of their origin, have free circulation status within the EU (or Turkey).

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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written authorisation by which one person enables an appointed person to perform specified acts for his/her behalf. The Power of Attorney may be granted (executed) as a general or a limited authority. The scope of the Power of Attorney will define what a court will enforce as being the scope of its authority.

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